Guest post from M.C.V Egan

Is knowledge the key to Peace?

By M.C.V. Egan

As a young girl every-time I came across a poem I liked I found myself repeating it non-stop; annoying everyone around me. I do mean non-stop. So it was easy to Google this one as an intro to my post. So grateful to John Boyle O’Reilly for words that impacted me deeply in my teens.


The Real Good

By John Boyle O’Reilly

“What is the real good?”

I ask in a musing mood.

“Order,” said the law court;

“Knowledge,” said the school;

“Truth,” said the wise man;

“Pleasure,” said the fool;

“Love,” said the maiden;

“Beauty,” said the page;

“Freedom,” said the dreamer;

“Home,” said the sage;

“Fame,” said the soldier;

“Equity,” said the seer.

Spake my heart fully sad:

“The answer is not here.”

Then within my bosom,

Softly this I heard:

“Each heart holds the secret:

‘Kindness’ is the word.”

As I have aged, now at fifty-three I have adopted different views on what the real good is and these days I am quite certain that KNOWLEDGE is the word.

Knowledge is the key to everything; if I need to buy a car I learn about any and all vehicles I can afford. Knowledge.

If I am going to buy a house; I have it inspected, I learn about the safety of the surrounding area, the school district. Again Knowledge.

When I buy my food I learn to distinguish if a company is selling me GMOs (genetically Modified Food) or produce from areas/countries known to use so called Black Waters (sewage to irrigate produce). Again Knowledge.

So as an American citizen how do I choose to inform myself when I am buying a war? Is it my civic responsibility to be Knowledgeable? How do I know who to trust when there are such varied media sources? How do I discern what is factual? How do I know if there are special interests groups that manipulate what will cost me and worse yet ultimately affect the entire world?

KNOWLEDGE a key to Peace.

I am such a coward that until recently I had limited discussing such ‘knowledge’ as historical, pertaining to distant conflicts so as to avoid arguments. A therapist once told me that I try to avoid conflict because as one of the youngest in a large family to me arguments represented failure; the older/big kids inevitably won.

I still usually walk away rather than strongly voice an opinion, but I do have the courage to loudly voice one. Peace is a patriotic stance; in America and perhaps anywhere else in the world.

When the United States, Britain and the Coalition of the willing nations invaded Iraq on March 19th 2003. My son was of pre-school age. I had been a resident of the United States for many years, but felt that my mentality was not that of ‘An American’; I took my son to play in nearby parks and other age appropriate activities. I felt so uncomfortable when I parked my car and found myself surrounded by vehicles that proudly sported pro-war bumper stickers. “These Colors don’t run”, “Boycott the French” well you know the sort. One day I saw a bumper sticker that changed my entire life. A lovely mother of three encompassing all that is good and great in the USA had a bumper sticker that read. “Peace is Patriotic” I immediately applied for my citizenship; that was the perfect example of the type of American I already was.



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4 responses to “Guest post from M.C.V Egan

  1. “Peace is Patriotic” I immediately applied for my citizenship; that was the perfect example of the type of American I already was.

    Couldn’t agree more, Catalina.


  2. Thanks Beckah…..I am honoured as I am a true admirer of the messages you convey and of your writing!

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