Behind the Fairy Tale, by Neeraj Chand

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review

Title: Behind the Fairy Tale

Author: Neeraj Chand


What I liked:The descriptions and detail at the start.

What I didn’t like:The lack of emotional connection and rushed ending

Recommended Read: Yes.

Rating:3 stars


A short story. A father tells his daughter a bed time story with an unexpected twist. A twist that she may not be ready for…

Michelle’s review:

At first this seemed like the kind of story that could be read to any child, but the twist at the end is anything but. I enjoyed reading the story, and the few minor grammatical errors were barely noticeable, and certainly didn’t distract from the story.

However, I felt it was missing something. That something being an emotional connection. The first part of the fairy tale was detailed and descriptive, but the ending felt rushed and less detailed. I understand what the writer was trying to do with the ending, but I feel that it could have been handled better and certainly with more emotion.

All in all it was an enjoyable read, and the shortness of it makes it an easy read.

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